Artist Profile

Vincent Vee

Born in 1970 in small town Sanok in South-East Poland.
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Artist Profile

Vincent Vee

Born in 1970 in small town Sanok in South-East Poland.

Vincent Vee is an artist based in the UK. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. For many years he was a producer and film director associated with TV Advertising Production in Poland.

He specializes in large-format acrylic painting which encompasses the pop-art and street art trend in which he weaves visual elements of Eastern European mysticism taken from sacred painting.

In his art he shows his passion for human beauty and love for pop culture. His leitmotiv is people, both random ones and contemporary icons from the world of politics, music or film.

Vincent Vee Bio

My name is Vincent Vee and I am an artist and I have been living in Manchester, United Kingdom for ten years.

I was born in 1970 in small town Sanok in South-East Poland.

There was a Museum of Folk Architecture where in old, wooden churches I could admire old East Europe sacral paintings known as The Icons. It leaved a mark on my art forever. In my art you will find those marks.

I studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. My education includes completion of  the fives year of High School of Fine Arts; it includes completion of three years Film Directing at the Camerimage Film School.

At that time, I took part in many group exhibitions organized by Academy of Fine Art in Warsaw, Association of Polish Artists and Designers in Warsaw, BWA Contemporary Art Gallery. As a student of sculpture department I created monumental installations in Warsaw. During the systemic transformation I created many first graffiti in underground passages of Central Warsaw.

During the Academy education I have started to work in Polish Advertising Agencies as a Graphic Designer and later as a Creative Director. After the education I have established my own Advertising Agency and House of the Film Production when I worked as Chairman of the Board, Creative Director, Producer and Film Director. At that time, I devoted my whole life to advertising and film industry. I worked, created and directed many Polish TV Commercials and TV documentary series for Polish TV.

Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, James Rosenquist, Keith Haring – I met Pop Art during the education time and still love that style. Working in advertising Industry has developed in me an awareness of the perception of the commercial world.  You will find it in my art.

In 2013 year I have moved to United Kingdom. At first to London, later to Manchester. I worked as a Photographer and Video maker in a Fashion and Modelling industry.

In 2019, I decided to actively return to artistic creation.

I specialize in large-format acrylic painting which encompasses the pop-art trend.  In my paintings I combine the techniques of acrylic painting, street art spray paints with  stencils prepared by me, lettering and digital print of my photographs transferred to canvas.

In my art you can find commercial eye, love to beauty, love to pop culture. Into this I weave visual elements of eastern mysticism, this small influence of sacred painting in eastern paintings such as Ukrainian or Russian Icons.

My main subject are always contemporary people. It doesn’t matter it is portrait of not known model, couple in a loving embrace or icon of the 20th century.


Silecen & Noise

Museum of Academy of Fine Arts, Omsk, Russia.



Gallery 24, Dortmund, Germany.


Solo exhibition

“Bistro Gallery”, Kerson, Ukraine.


External & Simple

Museo de la Ciudad, Guadalajara, México.



Gallery 24, Dortmund, Germany.

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